KNF’s compact, powerful, fast diaphragm pumps deliver reliable vacuum for clean results

Filtration is used in many different fields, including food and beverage production, water treatment, soil analysis, environmental applications, and in chemistry laboratories. Flow rates and vacuum requirements will vary between applications, and some processes will involve handling aggressive or corrosive chemicals. Choosing the correct pump for your particular application is vital.

KNF offers a selection of diaphragm pumps suitable for a range of solvents and filtration applications, carefully designed to offer chemical resistance. In addition we offer liquid pumps for a wide range of liquid filtration. Furthermore, KNF's diaphragm pumps are an environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient alternative to water jet pumps.

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Choose your pump according to youR specific filtrations setup - from single to multiple filtration system with six-port vacuum filtration manifold, with a vacuum of 160 mbar to 8 mbar

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